"Glideplan seems like a very useful tool for any pilot learning to fly cross country or planning badge flights. For myself, I like it just for the ability to print a fresh sectional every day with the course and landpoints laid out for the day's task."

-Rick Indrebo- US soaring team for 29th world Championships, and winner 2005 18 meter Nationals
  • Allows pilot to easily visualize possible tasks and goals
  • Automatic evaluation of tasks for FAI badge compliance, with diagnostics
  • Eliminates the need to mark up Sectionals by hand
  • Based on FAA sourced and scanned Sectionals
  • Produces automatic contoured lines of glide elevation for intuitive planning
  • Easily explore impact of arrival altitude and glider performance on goals or tasks
  • Great for instructors, and students learning cross country techniques
  • Transparency and fully customized colors and line widths increase map legibility
  • Outputs printed maps at Sectional scale, with automatic map legend
  • Quickly update saved maps with new landouts, or eliminate dated ones
  • Runs on Mac OSX, or Windows 2000/NT/XP
  • Free Sectional maps of the U.S. available on this site
GlidePlan Map mark-up for XC and competition pilots
SeeG Simple, powerful weight and balance for your glider
  • Find out how much nose ballast will put your CG at exactly 65% aft, using a simple slider.
  • Easily switch between Metric and English units, or weight and Volume measures whenever it's convenient
  • Print a balance record of your glider, or your whole fleet. Print graphs too!
  • Works on single place or two seaters, with, or without nose wheels
  • Plot a graph of wing tank VS tail tank water to maintain your balance point, or CG vs nose ballast to adjust it on the ramp
  • Start from your current weighing to build your model. Add a preset list of moments, or your own custom ones.
  • Store an unlimited number of gliders, or variations.
  • Automatically extract pilot moment from "as flown" and "empty" weighings
  • Enter mass limits and CG limits to get automatic warnings when anything goes out of range.
Please Note: GlidePlan and SeeG for Mac OS are 32 bit applications, and as such WILL NOT RUN on MacOS Catalina or later. They will work on Mojave (10.14.6) or earlier.